October 8, 2008


This is for the band Eoto, playing at the 8x10 next weekend. It was an assignment in my Illustration Concepts class where the owner of the 8x10 (Brian Shupe) came in and the posters made are actually going to be used as part of the promotion for the shows. My band, Eoto, are these two guys who do most their music with drums (hooked up to keyboards, I think. It sounds very techy, to me, they define their as sound 'trip hop, house, drum n' bass'). There is some drama surrounding their appearance at the 8x10, so the venue is going to put extra effort in their promotion. So there should be a couple hundred of these printed off, which is exciting. Since they sound so techy to me, I decided to pull inspiration from some of the old sci-fi poster imagery (who doesn't have a soft spot for fight with a tentacle monster?). At this size, the text for date and time are a bit hard to read, but keep it is intended to be seen at 10x14.

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