September 16, 2008

A bit of an art dump.... sorry.

These are some things from last spring semester that I did, but haven't gotten around to posting yet. Now that it is fall semester, I want them out of the way so that I can start posting for this new semester's work.

This is a faux movie poster for the Hitchcock movie Strangers on a Train staring Robert Walker and Farley Granger. In the movie, Walker's character keeps referring to his and Granger's sordid deal by saying "criss-cross" so I planned to have that criss-cross shape. T original version of this involved oil paint and was just a mess, so was scrapped completely and redrawn in ink. I feel like most illustrators (well, maybe not most, but a lot. And a lot of people that I like) use Photoshop for their color work, but still manage to have their have really nice texture, so I decided to try. This came out very flat and graphic, but I liked using Photoshop, so I might try again.

This was a piece done from St. Valentines day. When I was given the assignment, I immediately thought back to the "Saint Series" I had done before. The thought process for this was something like "well, I did St. Ambrose covered in bees, so maybe I'll do St. Valentine covered in lovers. After a few sketches, it was starting to look very much like an orgy, but I like the idea enough to push on, and am pleased with the outcome. This was done in ink with acrylic over top.

This was a portrait of the band Tiger Army, a psychobilly band based in California. Tattoos are heavily part of the aesthetics of this band, so in the front is lead singer Nick Thirteen, with bass player Geoff Kresge on his left and drummer James Meza on his right, tattoo style. This was done like the St. Valentine's piece, with an ink drawing and acrylic over top.

This is a linoleum print done the the animated movie Fantasy Planet (a strange little film were the world is controlled by large blue people). There were other registers that came out more clearly but those ended up looking the most flat, my teacher liked this one the most. I have to agree that I like the texture the bad registration gives, but I'm also afraid someone may look at it was say "this girl is just a crappy printer!"

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